Buy to Let Properties How to Build a Portfolio

Great new article at describing how to build a Buy to let Portfolio which generates excellent passive income.

Description on how to increase a Buy to Let Portfolio by 50%

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Cheap Hosting

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Make money with buy to let properties

Great new series of posts over at describing how it is possible to generate a good passive income from buy to let properties.

The first buy to let post is at:

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The small print

The small print for the cheap international dialing service

Service is Subject to availability. Rates shown are what you would pay if you were a BT Together Option One customer on 01/08/07 Rates for calls made from mobiles and other service providers may differ. Rates may change without prior notice. Visit for current rates and full terms and conditions.

? You must have the bill payer’s permission before using the service
? You are charged from the time of connection to the service
? Please hang up after a short time if your call is engaged or unanswered
? BT apply a 11.50 pence (inc VAT) Call-Set-Up Fee to each call to the service, even if the international number you dial is engaged or unanswered
? For customer services please call 0844 552 8575
? Service provided to by Onetel Telecommunications Ltd

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